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But wherever it is observed, it celebrates the original message of rebirth and renewal. Fire jumping In the evening of the last Wednesday before Nowruz, bonfires are lit and people jump over the flames.

Visits are returned, so there is much to-ing and fro-ing and lots of opportunity to tuck into new year food! Do the preparation task first. The Iranian Buyid ruler 'Adud al-Dawla r. His face is covered in soot and he is clad in bright red clothes and a felt hat. Fires are lit and families jump over the fires don't try this at home please!

A flask of rose water known for its magical cleansing power, is also included on the tablecloth. Everyone in the family helps out. Under the Sassanid emperors, Nowruz was celebrated as the most important day of the year.

The beauty and wonderfulness of Nowruz is that it starts on a unique moment each time and people excitedly and breathlessly wait for the announcement of what is known as the moment of the transition of the year.

On the 13th day of Farvardin, Iranian families gather in parks, gardens, farms, and other green places to eat cuisines containing certain local herbs and have friendly conversations.

People often visit each other's homes and always bring traditional gifts. Trail mix and berries are also served during the celebration. Senjed the sweet, dry fruit of the Lotus tree, represents love.

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An Introduction to the Ancient Festival of Nowruz