Writing a press release for an event

Sometimes we get a poorly written press release, but later the PR dept. Journalist C: If the event is really a new thing, something non-standard, it makes sense to cover everything from A to Z, starting with the things your reader will find the most interesting.

How to write a press release for an event example

Title — telling what the news will be about. Journalist C: Every day, I get hundreds of emails from all kinds of sources and in my work, time is of the essence. What do they need to know about your upcoming event? Sometimes we get a poorly written press release, but later the PR dept. Prepare your release to be read on a phone Nearly three-quarters of journalists read emails on their mobile device first, so make sure your email is mobile friendly. Include the who, what, where, and when for the event details. Leave the reader hungry for details so they reach out for more.

Keep it short, simple, and support it with facts. People seek out events that are unique. Adding attachments to your event press release Journalist A: When it comes to grand openings, good pictures are key.

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What are you hoping to receive as a result of the press release? The second paragraph will address the who, what, where, and when of the event. Always include a boilerplate A boilerplate is a short paragraph at the end of every press release that summarizes the core principles of your company. Your goal is to captivate the attention of your reader immediately. People want to know! Following the title, add a one or two lined subtitle. If we would like to host a journalist at our event, besides the press release, we should also send them an invitation clearly stating the date, time, venue and the reason for the event. More tips to keep in mind! It is fairly inexpensive to tell your story or share a unique idea with your target audience. I just wanted to know if you got it. Journalist C: One positive thing is that I get more and more information from online press bureaus. Web Press Release The web press release is basic compared to other press release formats.

Creating the right press release for your industry is vital for it to be seen by the right audience. People want to know! I have just a few seconds to look through each, and the ones that irritate me the most are the ones that should not be there at all.

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Date of publishing — ensuring the release is on time 5. That said, a successful press release hones in on a specific topic.

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Even if the headline is interesting, the journalists will most likely not want to spend the time adapting your language to their standards. Journalists try to distance themselves from such PR pros.

Include the bio information about the company following the call to action. Do — make sure your press release is written in a way to be accepted by the media. You can include quotes or media contact following the third paragraph.

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3 Event Press Release Examples & Tips From Journalists [Template]