Writing a desk based dissertation sample

library based dissertation structure

As with government, such institutions dedicate a lot of effort to conducting up-to-date research, so you simply need to find an organisation that has collected the data on your own topic of interest.

Will my research be inductive or deductive?

computer science dissertation examples

Again, make sure you reference the Appendices within the main text where necessary. It may be helpful to divert your attention for a while to the finishing off activities you need to attend to: writing the abstract and the introduction; checking the reference list; finalising the appendices; and checking your contents page.

It may be helpful to draw a critical path so that you are clear which actions you need to take and in what sequence. Here, the focus of attention is not so much to discover something about the social world, for example virtual communities, as to reach a judgement about the value of key concepts or theories in understanding that world.

If you wanted to obtain a large data set yourself, you would need to dedicate an immense amount of effort. It is often only one page long, and there may be a word limit to adhere to.

How useful is subcultural theory for understanding virtual communities?

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Research methodologies