Writing a countersubject

fugue countersubject

Diminution of the subject means statement of it in notes of smaller value, usually half. Quite often, the countersubjects are revealed in the exposition as orderly as the subject entries. The answer is the subject transported an ascending fifth or descending fourth: This answer is a tonal answer.

counterexposition fugue

If the counterpoints are different each time they are called free counterpoint. The fugue isn't deathless great, but it does what I wanted it to do - demonstrate the basics of fugue writing.

As two independent voices sing together, they meet, "point by point" counterpointto create a mutual blend, a higher-level musical coherence. Credit goes to Siglind Bruhn for her excellent diagrams.

fugue generator

So I extended it to cover 7 bars and began it in the tenor part: Now, there is a sort of implied harmony here This is in anticipation of a second countersubject, soon to be introduced, which will fill in the missing third.

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8C Composing a Fugue