Why school is useless

September 19, at pm Michael S You are missing the point entirely.

high school is pointless reddit

You know, discovering two thousand ways to NOT make a light bulb? Keep up your good works.

school is pointless reddit

September 19, at pm James Flanaghan Liza, Please maintain you very positive outlook. Completely and absolutely useless.

why does school seem so pointless

And I love how you ban American Idol. If education were just about imparting information, we could give each student a laptop and call it a day.

What we learn in school is pointless

Then I will carry multiple around like I do with credit cards or use my phone. Mackie continue to be the voice of reason and intelligence. Du Bois, and viola —you are following your heroes on Twitter, liking them on MyFace, and motivated to succeed in high school. I have a globe I don't need this class. September 22, at pm glenn Way too much blame is placed on the schools and teachers rather than on the parents. Keep up your good works. If you have no experience, don't judge. September 19, at pm ADD How dare they eat lunch at school

Schools shouldn't have to be day-care centres. I thought this article was fabulous because it echoed the ideals I grew up with, so those of a different experience are of course welcome to disagree, but I just want to put it out there that being a very busy parent doesn't automatically make you a poor parent.

September 21, at am kham It's difficult for me to criticize this education system when it's worlds better than the one I came from.

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Elon Musk Explains Why Traditional Schooling Is Useless