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American sociologist and demographer Kingsley Davis remarked that, while Malthus based his theories on a strong empirical foundation, the theories tended to be weakest in their empiricism and strongest in their theoretical formulation.

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For example, the price of wheat in the United States, adjusted for inflationhas fallen by about two-thirds in the last years. Malthus appealed to his countrymen to adopt preventive checks in order to avoid vice or misery resulting from the positive checks.

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Thus the optimum is not a fixed but a movable point. Neo-Malthusianism acknowledged the errors that Malthus made but maintained that while he may have been wrong in the short run, much of his argument was correct in the long run ,it has been only in the last thirty years that Malthusian theory has once more gained an audience in the population debate. The Theory: Given these assumptions, the optimum population is that ideal size of population which provides the maximum income per head. Population: Theory 1. As a result, what may be the optimum at a point of time might become less or more than the optimum over a period of time. In the western European countries, the bogey and pessimism of Malthus has been overcome. According to this theory, every country passes through three different stages of population growth. As a result, living standards of the people have risen instead of falling as was predicted by Malthus. The Malthusian Theory of Population: Thomas Robert Malthus enunciated his views about population in his famous book, Essay on the Principle of Population as it affects the Future Improvement of Society, published in Briefly, crudely, yet strikingly, Malthus argued that infinite human hopes for social happiness must be vain, for population will always tend to outrun the growth of production. Being childless is regarded as a curse and the parents are looked down upon by the society. The per capita income is BA population which is less than the maximum per capita income level NM. There is no doubt that the civilized world has kept the population in check.

When per capita income increases rapidly, it lowers the fertility rate and the rate of population growth declines. To the left of OP, the country is under-populated and beyond OP, it is over-populated. Malthus could not foresee the unprecedented increase in scientific knowledge and agricultural inventions over a period of time which has stayed the law of diminishing returns.

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All these factors bring down the death rate. Thus the optimum is not a fixed level but an oscillating one. The real aim of population policy is, however, not to avoid starvation but to eliminate poverty so as to raise output per head in an accelerated manner. Population: Theory 1.

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Further, he may not like exposing his children to poverty or charity by his inability to provide for them. In the figure, OB population is measured along the horizontal axis and per capita income on the vertical axis. Ricardo and Malthus debated this in a lengthy personal correspondence. There is greater mobility of labour. Malthus could not foresee the marvellous advancements in the field of medical sciences which have controlled fatal diseases and made human life longer. He thinks that with a large number of children, the standard of living of the family is bound to be lowered. All these economic and social factors are responsible for a high birth rate in the country. The poor people, who can ill-afford to bring up and educate children, are multiplying, whereas the rich are applying breaks on the increase of the size of their families. They visit even those countries where the population is on the decline or stationary, such as France and Japan. Population and Food Supply Thomas Malthus theorized that populations grew in geometric progression.

But all these are natural calamities which are not peculiar to over-populated countries. The young Malthus was educated largely at home until his admission to Jesus College, Cambridge, in

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