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In accordance with constitutional conventionall ministers within the government are either Members of Parliament or peers in the House of Lords. A more modern culture for the Commons - Many of the traditions and much of the language of the Commons date back centuries and reformers argue that it is time for change to make the proceedings more accessible and acceptable to the public and electorate.

The First Minister then appoints their Ministers now known as Cabinet Secretaries and junior Ministers, subject to approval by the Parliament.

Since the House of Lords is composed in a totally different manner from the House of Commons, the Government of the day - which usually has a majority in the Commons does not have a majority in the Lords. Is this true of any other country in the world? The House of Lords is a revising body: it considers all the bills examined by the House of Commons.

Prior to the Dissolution of the Monasteries, between and under Henry VIIIthe majority of members of the House of Lords were Lords Spiritual but after the completion of the Dissolution, only archbishops and bishops were allowed to attend.

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I have a web site and a blog and I often write about political issues. There is no retirement age for peers and the average age is an incredible The leader of the party which wins the most seats is then asked by the Queen to form a government.

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The political system of the United Kingdom