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I can only offer my sympathy to all candidates who have had to endure this totally unacceptable situation - my daughter has been in floods of tears several times throughout the day and I am sure she is not the only one.

Is it too much to ask for the SQA, even now, to keep us better appraised of the problems they face?

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No results. The Higher maths textbook we worked from this year was riddled with mistakes in both questions and answers, making it near impossible to work from. He then reluctantly accepted that thousands were incomplete or not delivered but that there were no inaccuracies. Obviously, my daughter is confused and dismayed to say the least. The certificate itself is difficult to understand. Elgin Academy pupil, Scotland My daughter received two identical sets of results, as did two of her friends. As you can probably tell I am not too happy Andrew Edward Anyway, they did say that the school had the results so I could try there - they didn't. Yesterday I was advised by their National Customer Service Centre dare I say re-routed to an English office they needed the date, time of posting and location of the post-box before they could help and suggested I rang back in seven days. We thought. Of course not - find a scapegoat lower down and blame them. Caitlin Begley, Scotland I was one of the people who failed to receive the dreaded brown envelope on Thursday and so decided to phone the SQA helpline to find out if I could get my results over the phone. Stuart, Scotland Fiasco is the only word to describe what's been going on. Being so far away from home and unable to seek all the answers to my questions I am greatly troubled and am starting to wonder the accuracy of the grades read out to me over the phone. According to Sam Galbraith students and parents only think there are mistakes because we are too stupid to understand the certificates. Please get your facts right before labelling us as whingers.

This fiasco follows the exceptionally difficult Credit Maths paper, which worried a lot of my year group. We don't expect everyone to gain A's but we know when things aren't as they should be.

maths past papers

Are the arrogant MPs and ministers ever brought to book? They said that one assessment element of his Higher physics had not been received from the school however they had only contacted the school to get it yesterday! On the other hand I found the Physics exam fairly easy and gave a full answer to every question and, on discussion with others, felt that I could confidently expect an A pass.

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John Nicol, Scotland Sorry to read about the fiasco. I think we should all be very proud of the students, teachers, schools, colleges and local and central government who have done this, instead of focusing on a tiny minority of problems.

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I telephoned again on Saturday, and was kindly informed once again of my grades and told I should be in receipt of the brown envelope on Monday.

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