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That changed on December 11, when Germany and Italy declared war on the United States, which quickly declared war on Germany and Italy.

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It was 1 p. For example: Pause , smile , or breathe. And because there is a shortage, there are gasoline lines. By the end of , it will add , people to our unemployment rolls. Many of you had to cancel holiday plans on Independence Day. We are urging refineries to increase their production of fuel and heating oil, and to distribute it as fairly as possible. Tonight I want to answer those questions. He had gone over every point, every word, time and again. The shortage is global. First, I have ordered the preparation and submission to Congress of a bill creating a federally chartered private corporation to develop alternative energy sources to imported oil, such as synthetic liquid fuels. It will increase both inflation and unemployment. The mechanisms by which we try to control the distribution of gasoline are clumsy and imperfect.

The conversion from outline to draft can be simple, exchanging an outline element for a speech sentence To the right, in uniform in front of Rayburn, is Roosevelt's son James, who escorted his father to the Capitol. First Draft of the Speech. But unlike the billions we pay to OPEC, the costs of regaining our energy security will be paid by Americans to Americans.

Speech draft

If I can have the cooperation of the radio and television networks, I will be speaking to you more frequently over the course of the summer -- not about false hopes or the painless solutions, but about the hard facts of our problems, and of how, if we work together as one nation, we will prevail.

Usually, a speech took from three to ten days to prepare, far longer than the December 8 speech.

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Now we are in that war, America must be ready to listen. When Roosevelt delivered the speech, most of his on-the-spot changes involved word order. But we must act to make sure they are held to a minimum. Nevertheless, our economy will remain the strongest in the world. We will be creating jobs, not exporting our dollars overseas. Proofread and edit the draft to be sure that each section, in addition to including the content it should, also fulfills your intentions. All of the drafts of the speech are in the Franklin D. Is the content a bit dry here? The White House operator announced that Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox was on the line and insisted on talking with him. The answer is NO.

We cannot dictate the price of foreign oil. A generation ago we sent more oil out of the country than we brought in. We have been working to improve our allocation system, and we will accelerate that effort.

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Roosevelt was just finishing lunch in his oval study on the second floor of the White House, preparing to work on his stamp album, when his telephone rang. They will be submitted during the course of the next month.

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Outlining Your Informative Speech The first thing you'll want to do is to create a comprehensive outline of your speech, from the introduction and body of the speech through its conclusion.

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