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And in a subchapter S corporation taxed as a partnershipprofits and losses are in proportion to shares held.

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A partnership involves two or more people who agree to share in the profits or losses of a business. This is a person who will accept legal service and notifications on behalf of your LLC. And since there's no stock, you can't use stock options as incentives for your employees.

It is, except an LLC offers small-business owners even more attractions than an S corporation.

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Legal liability. LLCs file articles of organization with the State Corporation Commission or Secretary of State and must draft an operating agreement listing members' rights and responsibilities. I would also recommend that, in addition to getting comfortable yourself with the basic pros and cons of the four main business structures, you also consider consulting a business attorney before you form your business organization. No two business situations will be the same, particularly when multiple owners are involved. After a trial, the jury returns a large verdict against Roger — and Shirley as owner of the business. Selecting a Business Entity When making a decision about the type of business to form, there are several criteria you need to evaluate. A plan will help you map out strategies for the company, build a framework for a present or future enterprise, and set out goals in your business. But if you live in Massachusetts or the District of Columbia, you must have two members, and that could be a deal-buster. What are the responsibilities and duties of each partner? In most states, unless your operating agreement says otherwise, when one member wants to leave the LLC, it must be dissolved. The S Corporation The S corporation is more attractive to small-business owners than a standard or C corporation. In particular, can interest be in similar or competitive businesses?

Baker points out that there are many more tax options available to corporations than to proprietorships or partnerships. But if you live in Massachusetts or the District of Columbia, you must have two members, and that could be a deal-buster. Use a business bank account for your LLC, deposit all business checks there, and pay all business expenses out of it.

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How to Make a Business Plan for a Sole Proprietorship