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The school reform that I have decided to research is single-gender schooling. Even though many believe that single-gender schools are beneficial, evidence proves that the basic philosophy of single-gender schools is flawed There are many different options, but how does one know which choice is the most beneficial for a child Over the past decade, single-gender classrooms have been opened in at least schools in the rural, suburban, and the urban areas.

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There are many differences in boy brains and girl brains and according to these differences; it may be potential to have different learning techniques and environments. This clearly shows how stereotypes simply cannot exist in classrooms where only one gender is represented. Con Many teachers may not have the training to employ gender-specific teaching techniques. Novotney, A. American Educational Research Journal, 47 1 : Some research shows students in single-gendered classrooms actually improve behaviorally and academically and new evidence exists to show that single- gender classrooms are ultimately better for students. For example, there are some forms of sport, which are traditionally considered to be specifically male e. In particular, Quirk et al. The American Council on Education believes that there is less academic gap between girls and boys in terms of their achievement Stanberry, The school reform that I have decided to research is single-gender schooling. Conclusion Single-sex classes can be effective in helping learners achieve their academic aspirations and full potentials if properly implemented.

In other wordy allowing technology in schools we benefit students to askā€¦. It helps with multiple aspects of a person 's personality.

Sullivan, A.

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Inthe No Child Left Behind Act added a provision giving single-sex classrooms and schools the ability to exist as long as they are voluntary. Research showed that girls did better in math and science in all-girl settings.

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Academic self-concept, gender and single-sex schooling. Parents and educators have debated since the early nineteenth century whether to educate students in single-sex or co-ed schools. Schools should not promote single-gender classrooms because they are causing more arguments rather than helping America. Research Papers in Education, I want to know, for educational purposes, if children do learn better in same sex schools without the hormonal distractions. Sullivan, A. Psychology of Men and Masculinity 4: Gender imbalance in the society In an education system where single-sex classes are made mandatory because of the belief that girls have lower abilities in mathematics, and science subjects, as well as, to preserve cultural values, girls tend to pursue arts courses and courses related to their gender roles in that particular society. Teachers will usually adjust their instruction to better fit how a boy or girl learns, which can be more advantageous in a single-sex environment. Research on the impact of single gender education has been occurring for quite some time. However, single-sex education has been continually in practice in many private schools across the nation.
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