Should women work outside

There is no blanket answer for this; sometimes husbands get sick, but sometimes couples value a wealthy lifestyle more than the needs of their children. When it comes to stay at home women, the chances of over-parenting is likely to be higher as kids become your only focus.

Thomas thus describes further in his book, "Sex and Society.

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Improved sex life: Confidence in workplace endows women with self-assurance and peace of mind which helps to make their sexual life good. Many a girl is brought up without any gainful occupation. If you are unsatisfied and unhappy about how can you keep your family happy?

Part of being a Christian is the freedom from worldly expectations—we should feel the freedom to live a modest lifestyle without two incomes, the freedom to accept God's validation over the world's, and the freedom to do what's best for our families despite the voices from either side.

That being said, every family situation is different.

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Since there are few men who still believe that women should not work, for them here are few great benefits for women to stay in the workforce or why women should work? This page and related Mead Project pages constitute the personal web-site of Dr.

Should women work outside

You serve as a role model to kids: A successful working woman who balances her professional life and family with much aplomb has a great impact on their offspring. Working outside the home not only gives women financial independence, sense of self-fulfillment, but it also helps them to evolve as a better person who is knowledgeable, confident, happy and sees life with a wider lens. Both men and women are working together without any issues. I am of the view that not only women are assailed by the temptations of the world, but men as well. If you have your self-identity, you feel confident and satisfied. Women Rights to Work: Like others, women also have the right to engage in productive employment, and no one can prevent them from doing so. Sexual violence, gender discrimination, non-working environments are also too common challenges that women working have to face. There is no blanket answer for this; sometimes husbands get sick, but sometimes couples value a wealthy lifestyle more than the needs of their children. This is to be in conjunction with the husband's role in the family. You have an identity of your own: Your identity exists outside of being a wife, a daughter, and a mother. There is nothing more serious, of course, nothing more important to the future welfare of the community than the raising of children. The studies also have shown that the mental health of sit-at-home ladies improve significantly when they start working outside the home. Working women will see life through a new lens and with a bigger prospect, while the lives of stay at home ladies circle around their family and husbands. Working outside home or doing a job, allows you to connect with different people from diverse backgrounds. If you bring some extra money home, your partner will feel less financial pressure, allowing him to be more relaxed.

AFTER all, men are responsible for earning bread and utter and taking care of expenses of parents and siblings, if they're not married. You can still stay at home, work and earn. That is not exactly the portrait of an idealist — the man who finds the world out of joint in some important particulars and who believes himself to be one who is "born to set it right," nor even of the typical college professor.

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Should Women Work outside home?