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Samsung has tried to shift more focus in India, but that strategy did not produce substantial results for the company. Not only would it be good for its sales but it will also give it competitive leverage over its rival. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Its rival Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement which underwent a heated court battle for seven long years until finally reaching a settlement. Lee Byung-Chul founded Samsung in Conclusion As the diagram above indicates the relative strengths and the weaknesses of each element, we can now conclude this analysis with the theme that as the global economy integrates and more emerging markets open up, companies like Samsung are at an advantage because they have already established themselves in many markets. Approaching market saturation for many product categories in consumer electronics industry intensifies the rivalry among existing firms and there is a little differentiation among the range of products offered. Further, the buyers would have to necessarily approach the companies for after sales service and for spare parts.

Did you find this article interesting? It needs to focus mainly on the Asian continent that is developing at an exceeding rate. Stakeholders This is an added element for analysis as the increasing concern over social and environmentally conscious business practices means that companies like Samsung have to be careful in how they do business as well as project themselves to the consumers.

Indeed, Samsung cannot take its position in the market for granted as all these and other domestic white goods players operate in a market where margins are tight and the competition is intense. Of course, this does not mean that the buyers are at the mercy of the companies. Power of Suppliers In many markets in which Samsung operates, there are many suppliers who are willing to offer their services at a discount since the ancillary sectors are very deep.

It needs to expand its customer base as well.

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This is the reason why white goods makers like Samsung invariably study the markets before setting up shop and also take the help of consultancies in arriving at their decision.

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Swot analysis , Pest Analysis and Porter's 5 force model