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Made from Silver Beech hardwood the loom is very strong and robust.

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Getting Started Once your pattern is traced onto the backing of your choice you are ready to start hooking. Come and enjoy the array of rich colors John McBride: John started hooking 15 years ago using cut wool strips.

A photo album of our first day Rug hooking is both a craft and an art in which rugs are made by pulling strips of wool fabric or wool yarn through a backing such as burlap, linen or rug warp.

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I will be attending and hope that all my studio hookers will come by and see the hooking displays, visit and join a day of hooking in the park. How lucky was I! Do not hook in every hole otherwise your work will bulge. He had an infectious laugh and a wonderful sense of humour—which could be a bit naughty at times. More primitive rugs are hooked with a 8 cut while more realistic rugs with fine detail often use a 3 or 4 cut. Start with an outline and fill in toward the center of the portion of the design you are hooking. At times, when I begin a piece it is just a shadow of an idea, but as I proceed, transferring the initial sketch to the linen backing, selecting the colors and textures of wool, to finally hooking. Learn to rug hook, tips for the beginner and experienced rug hooker. I will be using the 14 punch needle which makes a very nice low pile loop. Our objective is to keep rug hooking alive as a fiber art form. View hot from the pot hand-dyed wool and the latest patterns in the store.

She began designing and hooking rugs while still in school in the early s. I am a fiber artist and love to create with wool. My rug hooking adventure was about to begin!

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When determining how much wool you will need, the rule of thumb is that you will need 4 times the area you wish to cover. Over the years, I have enjoyed turning junk into treasures - old windows into garden art; colourful rags into beautiful rugs; buttons and bits of hardware into delightful suncatchers. All the colored yarns will be supplied. This is suitable for beginners or the folks that already have experience. Everything is included in the kit — just add yarn! Hooking with wool yarn is also popular. You will also need a pair of scissors to snip off the ends of the wool. She provided friendly advice — if asked — but never insisted that we take it. New patterns We have great new patterns available in the Studio. I will be using the 14 punch needle which makes a very nice low pile loop.

I know that I can successfuly hook narrow cuts but my heart is with wide cut primitives as our foremothers use to do. Stick the hook down through the opening where you want to begin your work and pull up a loop.

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