Rites and ritual of the pochury

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Inheritance[ edit ] In a Patriarchal form of society, all the properties were inherited by the male child. Women are not even supposed to touch the weapons of a man. A widow may head the family but she cannot accompany the menfolk to various activities like construction or repairing works. After all the arrangements, young and old will come and help the host in preparation of the feast. The Festival follows a series of ritual and ceremony in which the first of ritual is Kizie. During daily baths, there are offerings of a little water in memory of the ancestors. All the properties passed down by the husband's forefathers will remain with the late husband's relatives. It is famous with wonderful pomp and have absolutely by great feasts, singing, dance and cheerful making. Gurus and Saints Since at least the seventh century CE, the devotional path has spread from the south throughout India through the literary and musical activities of saints who have been some of the most important representatives of regional languages and traditions. Recently Nagaland Government has set a date on Nagaland Government calendar as holidays for Lothas Tribe only, on the 6th and 7th of November. Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1 December The state is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna.

After a cremation, ashes, and fragments of bone are collected and eventually immersed in a holy river. A girl to her new home i.

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The women weave the best of traditional garments and adorn themselves with all their finery. Rites and Festivals Associated to Agriculture: 1.

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One of the greatest North Indian saints was Kabir ca. Preparation of a scrumptious meal was done is still being done now and shared by the people which were followed by folk dance and folk songs. Rites and Festivals Associated to Agriculture: 1. During daily baths, there are offerings of a little water in memory of the ancestors. In the case of large area and spring On this day, bridge-pulling or gate-pulling is performed. In a crucial rite, the new couple takes seven steps northward from a sacred household fire, turn, and make offerings into the flames. It is celebrated with great pomp and show by feasting, singing , dancing and merry making. During the first night, the newlywed couple is forbidden to sleep together. No one goes or is allowed in the field and all field works stop during this season of feasting and song.

It is celebrated through sharing of food, gifts, folklore narration and a sumptuous community feast. After a funeral, everyone undergoes a purifying bath. Though a widow may head the family, she cannot sell her husband's properties without the consultation of her in-laws.

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Various rituals are performed during this period. Celebrated by the Angamis of Nagaland, this festival falls on the 25th day of the Angami month of Kezei.

Even the girl children were regarded both by the society and family.

Rites and ritual of the pochury

Emong means the Halt on the appointed time. The immediate family remains in a state of intense pollution for a set number of days sometimes ten, eleven, or thirteen. For most people in India, the betrothal of the young couple and the exact date and time of the wedding are matters decided by the parents in consultation with astrologers. In the Meluri-Lephori group, it is customary for the father to build a new house for his son before the marriage. Many farming families are now above the Subsistence level thanks to the modern equipment, scientific techniques, irrigation channels, government subsidies and new crops. Daughters[ edit ] The birth of a girl child may not be favoured compared to a boy child in the patriarchal form of society but not unwelcome. Among the Meluri-Lephori group, though women, irrespective of age may be present during wild animal kills or a fish catch sharing, will be ranked at the bottom. Dowry[ edit ] Dowry was not common among the Meluri-Lephori group. Bushu is a post- harvest festival. Intimacy is observed by forming new ties. The village ruler along with the parents will go over about the block to become felled pertaining to the year, sufficiently big to grow plant will be chosen by standard consent via land which has been long enough below jungle. Charms may serve to ward off the evil eye and witches or demons.
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