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Firstly, I want to examine the development of instant noodles considering the economic and historical situation in China. Shin Ramyun comes with a seasoning packet and a packet of dehydrated vegetables, and is usually prepared in a pot or other container.

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Also, on WeChat index, Master Kong showed the highest search frequency and much higher than the other three brands in past 30 days. Fourthly, there is also the influence of internet and smartphones, which help promote food delivery everywhere. Therefore, noodle sales on the railways have fallen. Moreover, the seasoning also began to change slightly. Due to the good reputation of Chinese domestic brand of instant rice in the market and many international brands significantly focus more on instant noodles, instant rice market on E-commerce platforms is dominated by domestic brands. Plain noodles to see dynamic growth of functional products Plain noodles is a highly homogeneous and widely distributed category in China as the entry barrier to this industry is quite low; therefore, price and channel competition has long been the standard way to expand sales. It was founded in Instant meat is also a popular product among Chinese instant food industry. Therefore, the future of instant food will focus more on the value and innovation of the product. Therefore, the limitation of producing and consuming instant noodles was reduced. The brand has distinguished itself from the competition with its ready-to-cook range which uses real meat and vegetables, making it one of the most expensive instant noodles on the market. Brands need a healthy, high quality makeover In order to compete with the current trend of prioritising health and quality in food products, instant noodles need to establish a trusted and respected new image. Before, it was comparably plain for it was only salty.

One of the reason is the growing demand and acceptance for local brands, along with the overchoice consumers are already facing in stores.

For seasoning, it not only contains flavoring powder, but also contains seasoning oil. Du, It used the technology of high pressure in cooking fried noodles to produce almost 2 millions package of instant noodles to Chinese consumers, signifying the start of Chinese instant noodle production.

Nissin foods is expanding its sales areas on the Chinese mainland, led by Cup Noodles products, while boosting production in that region.

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Moreover, it was the time when Chinese economic were growing. Therefore, the demand for canned food will drop significantly as it is not considered an appropriate gift for the holidays.

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Master Kong has leveraged this cooperation to reinforce their new image with healthier ingredients and innovative processing methods. A Euromonitor study showed that the consumption of instant noodles has increased significantly since This means the consumers are trying to search for the product which is of the highest quality, especially from its original producing place, while still considering the price factor, as they would like to purchase the products from wholesales market, which usually offers a much lower price than regular markets. What the report offers The study elucidates the situation of China and predicts the growth of its Instant Noodles Market. Master Kong and Uni-President are the biggest market player in China. It is also sold in an instant cup or instant bowl form. And arguably more tasty. Therefore, nowadays, instant noodles can be seen everywhere in the supermarket and its consumers include people from all classes. Therefore, because of the large population base, China is the largest instant food market in the world. Growing youth segment and increasing working population, rising incomes and rising purchasing power, higher brand consciousness, changing consumer preference, growing urbanization and Increase in number of middle class population are the biggest drivers in the growth of Instant Noodles industry of China.

Different kinds of instant noodles brands are very popular among those posts and the writers will share their experience eating these instant foods as well. The definition of instant noodle and rice researched in this report is: Refer to various instant main meal products made of rice, flour and coarse cereals etc.

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Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders. What parts of the instant food market are on the decline? But that trend has now reversed for the following years. Therefore, the efficiency and convenience of instant noodles were discovered by the public, making the industry of instant noodles boomed.

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The History of Chinese Instant Noodles (Final Paper)