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plant closings and layoffs

When a company is determined to leave a particular location or market, UE locals have successfully attracted new, potential owners for a plant and pressured the old owners to sell and, on rare occasions, has used eminent domain when a governmental body takes over a workplace to seek new owners or turn it over to the workers themselves to save jobs.

Stewards and union officers must be familiar with the few that are available - especially the WARN act and similar state laws.

And sometimes, the first warning sign is a rumor of a closure. Although the WARN Act does not stop an employer from shutting down it does give us time to organize to stop the workplace from closing.

checklist for plant closure

Sometimes what management needs is genuine constructive criticism to get back on track. In the ensuing media and political backlash, union members are thrown on the defensive, leading to bitter personal accusations and recriminations.

For more information on screening the film before a labor audience, contact Jen Smith at jsmith[at]cinemalibrestudio[dot]com or Mysterious "consultants" appear.

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Plant Closings (WARN and Warning Signs)