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The termination of the DDIG program will have long-lasting adverse consequences to the intellectual development of young scientists in ecology, evolution, and organismal biology. Something had to give, they concluded, and the ax fell on DDIGs. For any substantive questions, please do not hesitate to contact the program officers: Scott Barclay and Wendy Martinek Please note that Scott Barclay will continue as an LSS Program Officer for at least the next months.

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Students should be sure to include sufficient information in the Project Description limited to 10 pages for dissertation proposals about interview protocols, survey response items, etc. Without the program, the acorn will have to stay closer to the tree.

Students should have a dissertation prospectus approved prior to submitting a dissertation improvement grant. Without the DDIG program, the junior members of our societies and in related fields will be denied valuable opportunities for their intellectual and professional development.

Students who have received DDIGs have had valuable training in grant writing, administering grant funding, crafting independent research programs, and mentoring. SYNOPSIS The Sociology Program supports basic research on all forms of human social organization -- societies, institutions, groups and demography -- and processes of individual and institutional change.

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As part of its effort to encourage and support projects that explicitly integrate education and basic research, the Sociology Program provides support to improve the conduct of doctoral dissertation projects undertaken by doctoral students enrolled in U. Proposals to the annual Spring competition will only be accepted from PIs and co-PIs whose proposals were declined in the Fall competition and who are formally invited to resubmit.

These are all essential skills that represent the essence of our goals for training students in our fields. Given the increased interest in doctoral dissertation improvement grants, we thought it might be useful to share a few reminders with those dissertation students and their advisors who might be considering submitting a proposal: For dissertation proposals, the principal investigator is the dissertation advisor, with the dissertation student listed as the co-principal investigator.

DDIGs offer graduate students independence in their research, mentorship opportunities, and resources to network and disseminate their findings. Individuals interested in applying for funding should see the program guidelines above.

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