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Carter three years ago for help. They are eventually able to express this to each other, and each believes the other; they embrace, and work together to help Isaiah overcome his difficulties with the adjustment of Khalia being in his life. During the proceedings, however, Khaila prevails over the Lewins thanks to her lawyer's shrewd ability to convince the judge that "black babies belong with black mothers. They have a teenage daughter of their own. Yet, many blacks said I acted white. Jackson , she sues for custody. Three years later, Khaila successfully completes her treatment and confesses to her case worker that she abandoned Isaiah in the alley. I rejected my parents and developed this anti-white mentality, because that's what I perceived being black meant. Watts said.

Carter, a professor of psychology and education at Teachers College of Columbia University, who is conducting research on transracial and biracial identity development.

Three years later, Khaila successfully completes her treatment and confesses to her case worker that she abandoned Isaiah in the alley.

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Lange and Berry work in potent, compact episodes and sometimes, especially with Lange, one wants to be with them for a longer stretch. Statistics on transracial adoptions are elusive, but many experts say they are rare among the 57, adoptions by nonrelatives in this country each year.

Meanwhile, Khaila has been through drug rehabilitation and is clean, sober and working as a housekeeper and child minder for an affluent white family.

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Even the children in these so-called transracial adoptions don't agree on the issue. Meanwhile, Khaila is caught shoplifting and is sent to rehabunaware Isaiah is alive.

Since the 's and the beginnings of the civil rights movement, adoption of blacks by whites has aroused bitter debate, from the streets of Harlem to the halls of Congress. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

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Koch Jr. The hospital's Caucasian social worker assigned to Isaiah's case, Margaret Lewin Jessica Lange , takes a special liking to him, and soon convinces her husband, Charles David Strathairn , and teenaged daughter, Hannah Daisy Eagan , to adopt Isaiah into their middle-class home, located outside of the city. Watts said. Khaila, out of her mind on crack, had deposited him the night before in a cardboard box in an alley and then forgotten to retrieve him. Howard Altstein, a professor of social work at the University of Maryland. Carter three years ago for help. She promises to "come back later", but then passes out from the drug.
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