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Reading example essays works the same way! If I had lived in China, I would have been an outlaw knot-maker. Lightfoot, Marjorie J. She decapitates the evil baron who has been feeding off her village for years.

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Kingston, Maxine Hong. Instead, Kingston presents the writing of her autobiography itself as her success, her cathartic act of making peace with her family and society, and gaining an understanding of herself, of who she is and where she fits in the world around her.

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Kingston came out of that process with the ability to accept complexity, to revel in it, but also to honor the painfulness of it. For example, Brave Orchid tells Maxine of a helpful slave girl she bought in China for only fifty American dollars, and she complains that she had to pay two hundred American dollars to the hospital for the birth of Maxine. An example of how they superficially seem different is the incident at the drug store when Kingston is mortified at what her mother makes her do. It is a community of affin- Bakhtin, M. Simultaneously a historical, fictional, biographical, and imaginative work, The Woman Warrior is studied not only in English literature classes but also in anthropology, women's studies, sociology, folklore, and American and ethnic studies, as well as history. She decapitates the evil baron who has been feeding off her village for years. Her unique literary skills, vision, and style have established her as one of the most significant American writers in the late twentieth century. Kingston does not describe her life as a linear progression from birth to adulthood. Westport: Greenwood Press, Hunt, Linda. Though this is a book of memoirs, a non-fiction genre, in which the writer is referred to as the speaker or the persona, it is tempting to look at Kingston as a character constructed as if fictional. She is the female avenger, opposing years of hatred against women and girls. The plot progresses when Kingston finds ways to contest her mother's authority. Kingston delves into the story of her unnamed aunt explaining the events in intricate detail.

Let us know! Poverty has changed the role of women and their ways of thinking.

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