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At first it was religious, then social, then it was racial and political. Working at the Holocaust Museum can get heavy. Few of the perpetrators were brought to justice; and so, just as there must be no sanctuary for hate, no refuge for bigotry, there must be no base or sanctuary for these enemies of humankind. But in spite of all the supportive Nazi efforts, the Jews of Germany came to Israel in very small numbers. It took the secular shattering of the Christian conscience to accomplish that. The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. He or she who did not live through the event will never know it. When I was a girl, I remember my late mother attending evening English classes. Myra Giberovitch is an educator, consultant, author and professional speaker. Nicole Miller Nicole Miller is Executive Director at FAST, a non-profit dedicated to funding educational materials to combat racism and discrimination, with antisemitism being a specific manifestation of it. I also eliminated my History Channel binges at home.

At first it was religious, then social, then it was racial and political. MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics.

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I have nothing to complain about. People find it in different ways. Will the world ever learn? Hatred toward Jews is now manifested openly through the media, mainstream politics and extremely violent acts in the streets and places of worship. Yet it is impossible to truly understand their experiences. I never gave up, not when I was hungry; not when I was freezing cold. Appreciate the simple pleasures in life Survivors appreciate the simple pleasures in life such as family, friends, their health and a refrigerator filled with food. It was given to Brianna, a year-old student with a passion for music. And he or she who did live through the event will never reveal it. Each morning, I come into work and learn something new that either shakes me up or makes me believe in humanity again. They have a tenacious survival instinct manifested by a determination to recover when severely ill.

If this is the case — and numerous non-Jewish theologians and historians concur, the only solution to Jew-hatred is to bring the world to Sinai — to ethical monotheism and the Ten Commandments. Some survivors have told me that because they survived, they have a responsibility to give back to their peers and community.

The fact is — and the Holocaust should have made this obvious — the most important task for any society is to devise ways to make people good.

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Will the world ever learn? Mildenstein toured the Jewish homeland, mingled with the pioneers and settlers, and wrote sympathetically about their achievements in creating, according to him, a new type of Jew.

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Whenever I go into schools to share my story, I always ask the teacher whether they think the Holocaust could happen again. Ghettos were overcrowded and deprived of sufficient food and other basic supplies. These memories and daydreams sustained and nourished them in the most gruelling situations.

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The protests did not stop the killings. It is important to recognize the incredible challenges that confronted Jews trying to resist Nazi oppression and violence.

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Lesson: The Holocaust: Bearing Witness