Learning disorders and driving

In sum, the entry barriers to driving — such as learning how to drive, taking driving tests — normally involve listening to instructions, articulating plans, and reading texts and signs; all of these pose potential obstacles to those with language difficulties.

driving school autism

Reprinted with permission from Dale S. So your teen needs to be diligently working on the course to finish within the deadline. Ready for the road, now what? Now he had to master a larger more dangerous vehicle. Actual road driving is also needed to fulfill the requirements of a learners permit.

Nevertheless, he has not had an accident since he received his license. From the 88 young people in the AMP group, 53 provided data at both time points. Extra time allocation does not mean the test candidate will be driving for any longer or doing any additional tasks but merely allows extra time at the start of the test and allows for the possibility of taking a break part way through the test if it is necessary.

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6 Things You Should Know About Learning to Drive With a Disability