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Unicode is an international standards body that works towards a universal specification for text characters. They're all free to use in personal projects, but some have different rules for commercial usage, so make sure you double-check with the owner. Unfortunately Instagram filters out some of the fancy letters and symbols - probably because they don't want people to abuse certain Unicode stuff like the excessive diacritics used in the "glitch text" font that you'll see in the list.

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That's a good routine to get into. We can take advantage of that to make "pseudo-alphabets" which resemble normal ASCII text, but which have certain differences - such as being bolder, or italic, or even upside down!

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I hope you find all these Instagram fonts useful! With their design, it was guaranteed that the ink would not smudge, as it would with the earlier design of pen, and it no longer required the careful penmanship one would use with the older design of pen.

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Unicode Computers must store all data in a binary format - that is, with zeros and ones. Return from 'Italic Calligraphy' to the Calligraphy Skills homepage "Calligraphy is a craft requiring singularly few tools — the writing instrument, the ink and the writing surface are the only essentials. You can't copy and paste some Comic Sans into your Instagram bio because the symbols the you'd be copying would just be normal ASCII characters, and the fact that they're rendered in one font on one website doesn't mean that they'll appear as that same font on another - it's up to the website owner to decide what fonts they use on their website. However, this abundance of free script fonts doesn't necessarily make things easier for designers. I hope that these fonts will be useful for everyone. Concentrate on correctly formed letters, rather a page full of messy work. Aguafina Script Aguafina Script Regular is economical in its use of letterforms [Image: fonts] This eye-catching and elegant free script font from Sudtipos offers a set of clean lines that manage to flow without expanding to fill every bit of space. Take your time with the introduction of cursive Keep them practicing with daily copywork. And many people have done just that. You may also be interested in the more specific italic lettering page for detailed guidance on how to form individual italic letters, practice exercises etc.

Once your hand has learnt that general rule and you can use it instinctively, you can start to bend it. Youth Touch Get in touch with your inner child with this energetic font [Image: Font Space] Add some youthful energy to your work with this vibrant font created by Herofonts' very own Guilhem Greco.

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