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However, current developments bring into focus the urgency of further developing and deploying the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

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Need for reliable equipment India was wrong to try to revive the indigenous Kaveri engine for Tejas. He also mentioned that minimum life span of Tejas is 30 years which can be extended. Apart from the master arm switch, virtually everything necessary to operate the aircraft is located on the throttle or control column, in line with modern hands on throttle and stick design methodology.

No other manufacturer is known to have made fins out of a single piece.

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India should wait till the Mk 2 is in service and all its kinks are removed, before offering it. Wholesale Bandwidth Wholesale Bandwidth Service providers sell bulk bandwidth to other communication service providers who in turn resell connectivity services to enterprises or retail customers.

The missile will do the rest. It is of tailless, compound delta-wing design. The LCA is our cheapest in the combat category.

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The route for the second train will also be identified soon," IANS quoted a railway official as saying. Barring Sunday and Thursday, the train will run on all days of the week.

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India's first 'private' train, Delhi