How to write a frame tale literary

Lockwood visiting Wuthering Heights, an estate where everyone seems depressed and forlorn.

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Morgenstern, already wrote. For example, Odysseus narrates much of the Odyssey to the Phaeaciansbut, even though this recollection forms a great part of the poem, the events after and before the interpolated recollection are of greater interest than the memory.

What Are the Effects of a Frame Narrative? Frankenstein, has died, and the monster has vanished into the Arctic.

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The device is dropped once the in-game calendar reaches the day of the interrogation, as the prologue leads into the interrogation and the main conflict is still far from resolved by this date. Independent Structuring Given the complexity of telling stories within stories, it becomes necessary to first fully structure each story independently before weaving them together into one tale.

These multiple perspectives give the readers more information about the characters regarding their feelings, thoughts, and motivations.

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In the movie Titanic, we meet an elderly woman, Rose, who was on the Titanic.

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Frame Story Examples