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Missing commas around interrupters: on the other hand, fortunately, in fact, etc. The introduction should flow naturally to the body paragraphs, and the conclusion should tie everything together. How is milk processed into different products? You might ask yourself: Are the paragraphs in a logical order? To excel in this area, ask yourself these questions: Have I clearly introduced my thesis in the introductory paragraphs? Your vocabulary is not always enough, especially when the scientific terminology is required. What is the history of coffee or tea, Dr. What is the history of the Civil Rights Movement or abolitionism or temperance? Have I used various types of sentences complex and compound?

Although it is nearly impossible to abide by this rule, the mentioned principle should be your orienting point. Do not choose generic concepts to analyze; try to come up with a unique thesis that has not been described in detail, and offer a specific study angle. What is the process your body uses to fight infections?

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You can use this sort of essay to explain something that happens in nature, science, or society. What if someone has failed many times? Talking about nothing When you are not really interested in a topic and too lazy to provide profound research, you start making up stories, fabricate facts, and repeat your thesis statement, again and again, using different words. Show the admissions officers that you are not merely a handful of accomplishments but a perfect candidate for their college. Have I included transitions to show how paragraphs connect? Usually, instructors explain to their students what they should write in their papers. Of course, these kinds of sources might be helpful if you are looking for various opinions on your topic. Absence of the thesis statement Your thesis is the origin of the entire writing. Fashion Fashion is another one of those terms that varies with time. Your writing, at its best.

In this sample essay question there is one major key concept: Critically examine the contention that the globalisation of the world economy is a significant factor causing third world debt and poverty.

Here is an example.

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What is the history of the feminist movement or the movement to get the vote for women? Keep the interests of your audience in mind. What is the process of managing human waste?

Is it important to build a conducive and positive culture in workplaces, and why? Your vocabulary is not always enough, especially when the scientific terminology is required.

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20 Definition Essay Topics That Go Beyond the Obvious