Finger injury sprain

sprained finger splint

Elevate if there is swelling Take an anti-inflammatory medication Gently move the finger to prevent stiffening Thumb sprains and certain finger sprains in children may require a longer period of immobilization or evaluation by a specialist, especially if there is a concern that a ligament was torn.

You can also submerge the joint in cool water. Treatment of a dislocated finger is similar to that of a sprained finger. If the tape causes the finger to bend or twist, it is too tight Remove the buddy tape once the finger has fully healed, usually after 2 to 4 weeks First aid tape is available for purchase online.

Splint Moderate sprains often benefit from the use of a splint to fully restrict the ligament and keep it straight while it heals. Read now Buddy tape Mild to moderate strains respond well to buddy taping — using first aid tape to bind the injured finger to a healthy finger next to it.

More moderate sprains often take 3 to 6 weeks to heal entirely. That being said, anyone could sprain a finger just by hitting it the wrong way on the counter or breaking a fall.

Finger injury sprain

Often, the individual being treated can relocate their own finger just by simply pulling it back into position. Compressing the finger with a splint to keep it from bending. Finger braces can be purchased at drug or grocery store and applied as instructed.

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Sprained Finger