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Make him a militant Black Panther calling for racial war and the overthrow of the white patriarchy and now they should be concerned, right? This leads to several scenes which are intended to be funny, but sit there uncomfortably on the screen, because the humor comes from a different place than the real center of the film.

And those of us who claim to know of heaven should be the last to contribute to the divide here on earth. But neither of these aspects bothered me.

Another example would be in the second movie, there was a wedding planner. Ever try to get a rib away from a black man? But it is the serious flaw in his plot, I think.

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Advertisement The movie focuses on the two men, to such a degree that the story synopsis on the movie's Web site literally never even mentions any of the women characters -- not Theresa, not her mother Marilyn, not her feisty sister Keisha Kellee Stewart.

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