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The agricultural sector suffered greatly. They tried to save their families. Here we will give you a good example of the Great Depression essay which took place in the United States.

The impact on economic confidence was disastrous.

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It is highly speculated to this day on what exactly caused The Great Depression. The name fits like a glove because it was, in fact a depression. Deflation created additional problems. The authorities appeared unable to stop bank runs and the collapse in confidence in the banking system.

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Classical economics assumed Real Output would automatically return to equilibrium full employment levels , but the great depression showed this to be not true. Social Issue: Racism, Discrimination People lost their jobs, had no money, could not pay for the rent, they had to live in the shanty areas. America suffered from a years-long drought which together with poor farming experience caused big losses. Japan and Latin America suffered less. Global Downturn America had lent substantial amounts to Europe and UK, to help rebuild after first world war. Each bank closed its doors. Canada was harshly affected by Depression. The reason is the next: in the period of the Gold Standard, the central banks were not able to expand credits in order to influence the deflation.

Panic spread throughout the stock exchange as people sought to unload their shares. More than 3, banks failed in Any essay of the Great Depression would be full of tragic facts. People were looking for new places to work. They could not afford to take it to the market for the price they got there.

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The Great Depression Essay: Causes and Influence