Essays for class 10th exercise

A premature old age, failure of working power when a man should be in the prime of life, impaired digestion, and a proneness to catch whatever epidemic may be raging, are often the result of careless treatment of the physical nature.

When we exercise, we are helping build a strong body that will be able to move around and do all the stuff we need it to do.

They should be aware of the format of letters, notices as well as essays to score maximum marks. Here we have developed curated tips on how class 10 students should write their CBSE Hindi paper perfectly to score maximum marks.

essay topics for class 10 icse

How to write an essay better: One needs to add a lot of facts and figures to make the essay look attractive and authentic Write the content in neat hand-writing Make a draft for the points you can write on common topics like growing pollution, gender issues etc Grammar It is quite easy to score marks in language, but only if your basics are clear.

Paper pattern First and foremost, it is essential to understand the need of the hour, which is to prepare according to the marking scheme. It makes men capable of enduring fatigue and hardship without injury and, as the mind is affected by the body, it gives them the power of performing better intellectual work.

Tips for essay writing: Start with an effective introduction Content in body should involve right keywords and need to be accurate and to-the-point Do not forget to end it with a conclusion.

essay writing format cbse class 10

Dos and Don'ts Do not waste more than 40 minutes in the unseen passage Practice the unseen passage as well Understand the type of questions With just a few hours left for the exam, students are advised to carry a positive attitude, because everything now depends on how they attempt the paper.

Those are exercises that can build strength.

essay writing cbse format

By using our muscles to do powerful things, we can make them stronger.

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SAMPLE PAPER OF ENGLISH FOR CLASS 10 (I.C.S.E) composition topics