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journalists to follow on twitter 2019

One way to get the most out of Twitter as a PR and media tool is to follow relevant journalists. When I help clients build up new Twitter accounts, above are five types of Twitter users that I help them find and immediately follow. Have you taken our free online training module explaining how to use Twitter to help your PR activity and achieve media coverage?

You want to be more than useful to your audience; you also want to help brighten their day. On her blogSuzanne surmises she will be the future of journalism, but her tweets are evidence that she is already a key player in the shaping of online news.

Deputy on the property and personal finance sections. Yet in an era where fake news abounds and Twitter boasts some million users, it can be difficult to know who to follow for reliable news and analysis.

Tweets typically equip students with the knowledge to advance themselves professionally while also detailing valuable scholarship opportunities. If you live in Chicago, you can find reporters in the Metro Chicago beat to see what types of stories they cover, discover who may be most interested in your angle, or just follow the entire list.

Writes about publishing, diversity, class and feminism. As we enter what is sure to be a politically charged year for journalism thanks to President-elect Donald Trump, consider adding a few newshounds to the list of Twitter users you follow to stay as up to date as possible about what's happening in Washington and beyond.

Special interests in startups and thought leadership.

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5 Energy Reporters to Follow on Twitter