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mphil thesis topics in mathematics

Indeed, starting to learn LaTeX well before you actually want to write is a very good idea. Include an introduction that explains what the project is all about, and what its contents are.

Mathematics research topics

You can almost certainly do more research than you believe you can do. The University of Edinburgh, A 1. Don't gratuitously pad your reference list with references that are not referred to in the text. Now there are many math REUs , and grants that allow schools to offer them are very competitive. Try getting another student to proofread what you have written - from their different viewpoint they may pick up on lots of things that you can't see. Locally compact subsets of topological linear spaces. If you are going to type it yourself, you should allow a certain amount of time to become familiar with this software. Provide feedback on the direction of your research.

Your writing should conform to the highest standards of English. Many math faculty are now required, or at least strongly encouraged, to mentor in undergraduate research if they expect to get tenure.

Most students see their supervisor about once a week, although this is usually open to negotiation between the student and the supervisor. The first chapter is largely a recapitulation of known results which I have learnt from Dr Aitken, here arranged for convenience of reference later in the thesis.

Allied sets in linear spaces, 17 3.

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What is expected from a mathematics student bachelor's thesis?