Bleeding tissue paper

Directions for Collage Art Project 1.

tissue paper background

Ours actually had a warning on the packet to take care as it could stain when wet- perfect! I actually added a third bird later. The kids love this part! I used a paintbrush to add water to the top of the tissue paper.

This just means imagining their picture is in a bubble and to cut around it with space, and not on the actual lines of their picture.

tissue paper that wont bleed

I even added a third bird to my original design, and as you can see you just cut a shape from the tissue paper and use water and a paintbrush to add it to the canvas.

Invite each child to either use the tissue paper squares as they are or tear them into smaller pieces and place them onto their canvas.

Place a cup of water and paintbrush near each child. Continue doing this until the entire canvas is covered. We love the options from Craft Project Ideas! Have each child draw a picture using a black Sharpie onto some white art paper.

tissue paper fine art

I love the effect but would also love to experiment with even more vibrant colours and perhaps some patterning in the future. Totally up to you, but the results could be different if the surface is not primed. One of the finished masterpieces!

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Tissue Paper Bleeding Art