Best ipad handwriting app reviews

In addition to recording text and handwritten notes, Notability also includes the ability to record audio. Double-tapping on any handwriting can automatically convert it to text, and a variety of tools are focused on correcting the hand-written text to be more easily parsed scribbling out letters erases them, lines between letters joins them or moves them further apart.

On the left, a textbook, quickly searched and easily annotated, and on the right, a digital piece of paper ready for all sorts of pens, highlighters, shapes, and jotting.

best free note taking app for ipad with apple pencil

And you can search the entire contents of your notes—including handwriting—from the search bar. Notebook by Zoho is such an app. Instead, it allows you to create custom fonts that can be used in note apps as well as other programs.

Apple Notes has a few other smart features for users who want more than basic note capture. Ultimately, Simplenote's wholly free ecosystem tips it over the edge when comparing the two offerings.

best ipad handwriting app reviews

These apps can come especially in handy for certain use cases such as students taking lecture notes, those committed to keeping a journal, and anyone who appreciates the art of putting pen to paper. That may sound like a line, but it really works that well.

To get you started, check out this great list from Gabe of Macdrifter. Be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.

notability app

It's collaborative and available on any Apple device, though non-Apple users will need to use the web version at iCloud.

You can also add your own drawings or handwriting by choosing Add Sketch from the same menu.

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The Best App for Taking Handwritten Notes on an iPad