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While the movie, in my opinion, could have made the Romans the evildoers simply for their different beliefs, it never stoops that low.

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If occasionally, one could image a particular shot taken on a movie lot, there were hundreds of others that felt perfectly real that could make you forget a second or two of falseness.

His Roman guardian, Pilate, was just about killed. Horses drop in that scene, too.

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The deep bond between the two is a point clearly made in the beginning of the movie. We also see Jesus physically intervening in the stoning of a leper. As a fan of that version, I was skeptical about whether they'd be able to pull it off. Yet, it is also a tale that makes one wonder if good and evil are actually as clearly defined as we have been led to believe.

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Messala and Tirzah look longingly at each other at times, and Tirzah puts her head on Messala's shoulder during a night-long vigil. It is a play that takes on the form of a comical satire as well as a morality play. One of Williams Shakespeare biggest competors was the successful Ben Jonson. The title is, obviously, telling: While the narrative centers around Judah Ben-Hur, Jesus is the story's real architect. The film jettisons an important subplot from previous tellings in which — somewhat like Joseph sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt — Judah stands out among his fellow slaves through his strength of character, impressing his master and eventually saving his life. Someone is hit several times. Thousands of people at a time in some shots and the final product came together in a way that ends up looking so smooth, but must have been quite an undertaking to realize. Exposition as they walk around fountain with the women discussing their youth lets us know Messala was almost a part of the Ben-Hur family. Also, the instant where the slave must move the Baton of Victory closer to the emperor reach so that the emperor would save mere inches of movement rang quite true and a tad funny. His Roman guardian, Pilate, was just about killed. But, one has to consider that with all the torment the main characters in this film had to endure in their lives, a little artistic license is understandable.

And we see Him, naturally, on the cross—asking God to forgive His tormenters, and us, because we know not what we do. That contributes to the story's brisk pace, but little nuances are bound to be lost along the way.

He looks at his brother, pleading for mercy, and he makes a fateful decision.

Ben hur movie review essay

And that is very true. Fate has Ben-Hur meeting an Arab sheik who owns a chariot but whose rider is inadequate. Led by Messala, soldiers invade Ben-Hur's house and—as the would-be assassin makes his getaway—pin poor Judah, Naomi and Tirzah to the ground. In fact, there were hundreds of famous British writers we do not hear about. Judah performs impromptu surgery on a Zealot, plucking a piece of metal from the man's bloodied arm and cauterizing the wound with a hot knife, causing the man to bellow in pain. Judea is childhood friends with a Roman boy named Messala. Tirzah, as she's being led away, has her dress ripped, revealing part of her back. He's fit enough to pull a bowstring in no time. Soon though, attention shifts to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
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