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The second component involves the internal business or operations perspective. Many of them are infested with politics that has intruded into campus life, influencing academic appointments and decisions across levels. Pandey, I. During the period when BSC was introduced to Japanese organizations, most recognized the need to change their strategies in order to overcome the recession and to challenge emerging new competitors, When an organization decides to change its strategies dramatically, it needs to renew or improve how it develops those strategies. Recommendations are given for the use of BSCs effectively for improving institutional performance. Application of Balanced Scorecard at Institutes of Higher Education There are a number of universities around the world that have implemented the Balanced Scorecard. Research themes — identification of college faculty as dedicated research colleagues desiring to be champions in their chosen field. Balanced Scorecard Dissertation Balanced Scorecard in Higher Education Institutes The purpose of this paper is to show how the Balanced Scorecard approach, a performance management system, could be implemented at institutes of higher education. Some have more than colleges affiliated to them. Bennis, W. Under the rapidly expanding situation with multiplicity of expectations from the higher education system, it has become necessary to identify those attributes, which distinguish a first-rate institution from a mediocre one. The above discussion establishes the need for accountability based autonomy and being consistently relevant to the context in which the Indian universities or any other university anywhere for that matter may exist.

They need not only to answer the strategic question concerning what kind of business school they want to be e. The dearth of literature available for the topic points to the fact that BSC has not found great acceptance in the education industry.

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However, performance management systems appear to promise more than they An early screening of melanoma can greatly contribute to successful treatment, hence reliable early detection The thing that makes the concept of performance management more special is that various initiatives are systematically linked together in a conscious and planned way to align as much organizational activity as possible with the intended strategy.

Monfort College of Business, He goes on to say that India has survived with an increasingly mediocre higher education system for decades.

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Considering the linkages in service management profit chain Heskett et al. Kanis, E. Surpluses are important as only then institutions can look for achieving greater autonomy in designing and delivering ever new courses and programs that are relevant to the population in context, but expensive to implement.

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This brings into focus the measures of performance as well as the process that need to be put in place to ensure that the areas of concern are addressed. This also adds up and forces managers of educational institutions, especially in the public domain, to re-think their mission and strategies Venkatesh, Bailey et al. The regulatory mechanisms will perhaps be liberalized. Pandey, I. Only a few manage to maintain their status and dignity in an environment of complex socio-economic pressures and worldwide changes in approaches to the educational processes. Outreach themes — use of college faculty to support regional education and other intellectual support. These were modeled after the British Universities of that period.
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