Automobile repair and mechanics essay

Auto mechanics make a pretty good living. Sometimes work can continue into the weekend, along with performing work on the side to help earn some extra money. It is sometimes portrayed as glamorous in movies and television and is considered prestigious in some parts of the automotive industry.

becoming a mechanic

UTI promises to assist you in your job search months before you graduate and students who take the programs sponsored by the major car companies will receive several job offers upon graduation. It was a simpler time and a simpler car.

Auto mechanic essay

Throughout history and a small number of… Words - Pages 4 Essay about Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics QM; also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory is a fundamental branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena atnanoscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant. They must be able to figure out the source of the problem quickly and correctly. Automotive service technicians and mechanics fix cars or light trucks that have broken down. This usually requires that they work under another tradesperson in much the same way as an apprentice. In most developed countries, these are separate trade courses, but a qualified tradesperson from one can change to working as another. USA[ edit ] In the United States, many programs and schools offer training for those interested in pursuing competencies as automotive mechanics or technicians. The repairer usually works on all kinds of vehicles but tends to work on small cars and trucks. Investigation on Water-in-Diesel Emulsified Fuel in a 6 Cylinder Engine Essay - A water-in-Diesel emulsified fuel was investigated on a 6 cylinder Diesel engine to the influence of water emulsification on the engine performance and exhaust gas emissions. ASE certification offers a series of exams for repair professionals twice a year. This career field is very important to human civilization because people must have some kind of transportation every day for work, food, and just everyday needs Weintraub page 9. Automotive Technicians is a great career to have because you work with many tools to figure out the problem, you get a good paying job, and you will never have to worry about getting a job because mechanics are needed everywhere. Get Essay I decided to explore the topic a little more to get a better understanding of the requirements to become an auto mechanic, for I have decided to become certified in Automotive Technology. Drug testing will be different with every employer because it is optional but most people have to take one drug test before they are hired.

None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. When students finish this type of training they get an associate degree or certificate. Mechanics earn a very good salary that continues to grow with the more experience you get in the job.

Pit crews[ edit ] Pit crews for motor racing are a specialized form of work undertaken by some mechanics. Automotive technicians have to go through …show more content… Automotive Technicians are the people that repair your cars and keep them running properly for you with no problem. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

The term auto mechanic is slowly fading away, and many mechanics are now being labeled as service technicians. It would be best to try and achieve the highest level of pay to make this job worthwhile.

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Automobile Repair and Mechanics Essay Example