A review of differences in scuba diving and snorkelling

Speaking of the most obvious difference, it could be that snorkeling is the simplest as compared to scuba diving, skin diving or free diving.

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Free diving can be listed on the competition activity. There are many fabulous snorkeling destinations over the world.

Snorkeling vs scuba diving

Snorkeling is considerately easy, With a mask, a snorkel and fins, everyone is capable of go snorkeling. If it is your first time scuba diving, take advantage of this opportunity. What experiences have you had doing both? The comfort of your gear almost determines your diving or snorkeling experience. You can make memories just like these. Both sports are awesome! If you like snorkeling you will surely fall in love with scuba diving. First of all, the equipment between diving and snorkeling is different.

We offer a wide range of PADI courses leading to all kind of scuba diver levels, from the beginner to the professional and passing by the advanced courses.

If you and the PADI Professional think you are comfortable enough after your 1st DSD we can take you out on the boat and show you some of the other sites as well. That is where the similarities end however.

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What do you prefer? You need to take care of the directions, breathing technique, etc. What is your favorite? Almost everyone can go snorkeling when they are in good physical condition. Be safe and have fun! Shame on me — I know. Expert guidance and training in scuba diving are necessary, but not in snorkeling.

Snorkeling usually is done in limited areas, otherwise, diving has larger available areas. But even the more advanced swimmers can only stay under the water for the time they can hold their breath.

Can you scuba dive without knowing how to swim

The reason why many divers miss this is because most divers are looking down for the majority of their time under the water. Snorkeling allows you to enjoy the underwater world from the surface of the water and diving down while holding your breath to get a closer look. Both sports are awesome! It is also great exercise! The snorkelers can see the shallower parts of the reef, and see beautiful creatures as turtles ascend towards them for warmer water temperatures and a fresh lungful before dipping back under the waves again. Of course, less experienced divers will still be able to take it all in without any trouble. Scuba divers will be able to get up close and personal with amazing hard and soft coral formations, and more advanced divers will want to explore the submerged pinnacles and slopes covered with coral. Generally, you will receive a scuba diving certification after the course. All in all, both sports offer huge opportunities for adventure. Divers often use snorkeling as a way to find a new dive site, as the air supply is unlimited and time is not an issue. If you prefer entertainment, choose snorkeling. Someone who has never snorkeled before can be in the water within minutes, once he or she has a good grasp of how to use the mask and snorkel, and swim with fins.

You can make memories just like these.

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