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The logistics of delivering such a vast campaign were also challenging to say the least. Versions of these creatives showed how the different family members felt when they heard the good news.

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It doesn't end there. Also, in-depth Call Analytics provide Cancer Research UK with detailed information about where their calls are coming from, the busiest days and times of day to manage how many staff they need manning the phones.

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This year for the first time the charity sent out a 'well done' postcard to runners immediately after the race. Share With one in three of us set to suffer from cancer at some point in our lives, the illness is one that will touch us all directly or indirectly. Project objectives were to: streamline the postcode look up system into a single supplier with standardised processes; reduce account management time; cut demands on IT staff; create a system that was accurate, robust and secure; and deliver a solution that was cost effective. Each personalised letter includes all this information at the bottom in code so the IdentexTPH team can manually bring together the different elements in one race pack see box, above. Phone and postal entrants are then PAF validated and all the data is deduped, although this has to be a relatively loose process as Claire Rogerson, account director at IdentexTPH explains. As well as a text summary, each project is accompanied by a video explaining the venture in more detail. All they had in common was the fact that they took up a lot of time. But organic growth had resulted in multiple postcode look up systems with different maintenance, support and finance requirements. In terms of delivery, however, it still needs a little work. TV, tube cards, outdoor and radio then all launched at around the same time, along with a big PR burst. One in two people born in the UK after will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, but survival is improving and has doubled in the last 40 years. The next stage is to start increasing 'need' a bit more, moving the emphasis slightly between hope and fear," says Newman. This is one event which will surely run and run. They conduct research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease with their work almost entirely funded by the public.

It's a challenge but if anyone can pull it off it's CRUK. Current projects on the site include research work on leukaemia, breast cancer and bowel cancer. The good news is that more of us are living through cancer every year, and survival rates are rising.

But the two databases do feed into each other for other fundraising initiatives.

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